Benefits from the project: products / results:

1.1 Minutes
1.2 3 National syntheses
1.3 3 Lists of 20 renovators and 3 lists of 6 European remote tutors
1.4 First meetings
2.1 Methodological guide, study visit to the EU and 60 advanced people
2.2 3 national strategic action plans
2.3 2 business cards and titles of diplomas by country
2.4 Classification of Training Needs by Region
3.1 20 teachers trained in the EU
3.2 6 applications for accreditation / Writing of programs and training courses
3.4 3 Poles of excellence
4.1 Universities set up educational cyberspace
4.2 Development of the learning process
4.3 20 Teachers in each of the 3 regions are perfected on their new functions related to didactic cyberspace
4.4 The platform is operational and open; It is fed by all course materials and digitized teaching resources
5.1 270 students trained in each region
5.2 Double Diploma Conventions – Joint Diplomas
5.3 Co-organization of courses in companies
6.1 20 teachers are upgraded to Job Search Techniques
6.2 Training Module “Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Tourism”
7.1 FTLV modular system covering all fields of sustainable tourism
7.2 Scanned Learning Tools for Each of the FTLV Modules
7.3 In each of the countries 50 professional staff on at least one face-to-face or distance training module
8.1 The project is publicized
8.2 Event support and dissemination methodology
8.3 Financial support for operations
9.1 Quality and implementation plan
10.1 Pilotage authorities are set up
10.2 Partner Financing Agreements
10.3 6 people trained in France to manage an Erasmus project +
10.4 Regulation and monitoring in countries and coordination between European universities